REI’s Web-based Management Information System (MIS) caters to a wide range of national and internationally funded developmental projects.  The MIS serves as a basis for concurrent Monitoring and Evaluation of the project and all related processes and activities. The MIS is designed to integrate and aggregate project parameters to reflect expected objectives and actual outcome. The MIS is accessible to both authenticated users from field and project executives and decision makers. 

The MIS provide requisite functionality to enable analysis of:

  • Overall project physical and financial status
  • Activity-wise physical and financial status
  • Process monitoring
  • Family and community level impact

To enable the same, our MIS solution provides various types of reports, and these can be further filtered by the user to create custom reports.  Additionally, the MIS provides dashboard and data visualization capability such that data can be viewed and analyzed faster and in a far more intuitive manner.

The MIS solution is mobile – friendly and can be accessed using any mobile device.

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