Smart Governance Solution

REI Systems has developed solutions that are focused on bringing in ‘Smart Governance’ for Urban Local Bodies.

The salient features are:

  • Improve service delivery
  • Capacitate citizens
  • Make Municipal Corporation function more transparently and responsibly
  • Empower Municipal functionaries
  • Utilize digital platform to understand, analyze and deliver key services for the community

1 M-Governance

Mobile Apps for citizen centric services and to enable citizens to interact with Municipal Corporations, anywhere - anytime!

2 Smart Governance Portal

This solution, delivered on cost effective open source platforms, provides an online portal to encourage and increase dialogue between Government / Administration and citizens by soliciting feedback and sharing ideas. Key features and benefits include:

3 Corporation Activity Monitoring System

Web based activity monitoring and decision support application for commissioners to monitor department-specific activity and status through visual interfaces.

4 Vehicle Tracking System

Web based monitoring of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles’ using Vehicle Tracking System (VTS). The system provides current vehicle locations, route travelled and the speed at which vehicle traversed for current as well as specified duration.

5 Solid Waste Management System

An integrated web and mobile application helps Municipal Corporation Officials to know the city sanitary status at a glance. Field users can collect geo-tagged images of bin points with reported time stamps along with other relevant data. This information is then analyzed and presented via detailed web based reports to provide daily, weekly and monthly insights into the Waste Collection agencies’ performance and efficiency across the city and overall Waste Management status and effectiveness.

6 Grievance Redressal Mobile App and Portal

An end to end grievance management system that includes a mobile app that allows citizens to log grievances with the local Government body. The system consists of a web application at the back end to categorize, route and manage grievances and associated redressal workflow. Municipal Corporation officials have detailed insights into grievances logged which enables them to target and address most pressing citywide problems and address citizen concerns.

7 Hoarding Survey and Information System

Map based mobile app and web portal for location based hoarding survey and information management. This application helps in creating a digital database of geographic locations, agency, hoarding dimensions etc. for monitoring hoardings location and status within the city.