Mobile Solutions

REI has expertise both with responsive design for web application and native and hybrid mobile application development.
Native and Hybrid Mobile Application Development

REI blends mobile and web technologies facilitating easy to use solutions for developmental practitioners and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) professionals from National – Internationally funded Projects and Government Departments. REI has developed native mobile applications to provide solutions in following areas:

  • Rural and urban developmental projects
  • Microfinance and banking
  • Field survey data management

These Mobile apps collect data from the field, including location coordinates, which is thensynced with a MIS at the backend. This data can be utilized for monitoring, reporting and even GIS representation.These apps help project stakeholders in collecting field data quickly and accuratelyto enable efficient eGov processes and facilitate reporting at a granular level including location based GIS-type reports.

Examples for these mobile applications include:

  • NREGS (or any of soil and water conservation projects) attendance, payment and works status monitoring
  • Cropping pattern and agriculture development assessment
  • Infrastructural growth monitoring
  • Study household and community income pattern
  • Project impact and assessment
Responsive Designs

For most of our web applications and web portals, REI has created and delivered a robust mobile experience to customers via highly responsive designs that enable end users to access the web application via their mobile phones and tablets.

A sample responsive design from a recent engagement with The World Bank can be seen here:

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