Decision Support Systems

REI’s Decision Support Systems are built upon REI’s highly flexible dashboard and visualization platform – GovDashboard. GovDashboard is a lightweight, Software as a Solution (SaaS) product that will visually bring insight into your agency’s data. The elegant and customizable dashboards can empower you to make informed decisions in a multitude of areas including budget, finance, grants management, performance measurement, asset management, human capital, and project / portfolio planning and management.

GovDashboard's unlimited drill-downs can help you rapidly understand and share high level insights or specific details about day-to-day operations. With its quick launch capability, built-in accelerators, and highly customizable interface, GovDashboard is a comprehensive performance measurement solution or a complement to your existing Business Intelligence software toolkit.

Key Features

Customized Views

GovDashboard makes it easy to customize your data visualizations with a series of customizable charts and graphs. As a result, you gain the clarity you need to make successful, data-driven business decisions.


GovDashboard’s accelerators identify your dashboard reporting and visualization needs providing predefined dashboards to get you started quickly. Our accelerators span a wide range of business areas, such as financial management, grants management, and portfolio management. Let us know if you have a specific dashboard accelerator need and we’ll create it for you.


GovDashboard supplements your current Business Intelligence software with visually-robust portrayals of your data, and no programming skills needed. It broadens your internal user base and leaves your BI tools in place for your hard-core data analysts.


GovDashboard is hosted in the cloud, making your dashboards accessible anywhere, anytime. You control your permissions, ensuring that data is visible to the right people. GovDashboard is hosted in a secure FISMA-moderate environment.


GovDashboard makes it easy to transmit or share your dashboards to others. You have the ability to export your data visualizations into presentations, email, print, or web pages.

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