Checkbook Applications

Our experience includes creating data portals that enable data organization, access and visualization of a variety of intra and inter organization data sets. We integrate this data with a CMS or any custom web application to create an insightful picture - a picture that is worth a thousand words. We bring your data to life by creating compelling charts, maps, and other dynamic and interactive visualizations to present data more simply and enable better informed decision making.

Checkbook is an open source financial transparency web application.

Checkbook provides transparent access to a city's or other jurisdiction's financial information, through web-based dashboard views that show activity in categories such as Revenue, Budget, Spending, Contracts, and Payroll among others.

Checkbook operates on a read-only, filtered copy of a city's financial data. Confidential information is not displayed and the application can be easily tailored to meet very specific data display and visualization requirements.

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